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About Keepoint® 10

Keepoint® 10
     Keep valuable picks from the web!

Keepoint® has been the users’ favorite for the past 10 years as a web information management tool. This version is currently in beta, and we invite your feedback to help us improve this version.

Keepoint® 10 covers a multitude of aspects. Most importantly you can collect your pearls of the web and store them permanently in one place which you can later use as your one spot to re-search. You can even highlight the important parts of the page, or affix your notes at relevant places on the text. Soon, you will also be able to upload your images, and other files to Keepoint® as well. Other aspects include the sharing content with other people and discovering the picks from others more conveniently than ever. And although Keepoint® is designed to share the information with everyone, you can also designate the information to be private and save it only for yourself. There are many many more features we will be adding, so please come and join the fun.

Keepoint® has been developed at Saora® and our technology is protected by many domestic and international patents.

This Site is brought to You by Saora, Inc.

In order to provide service, we need to gather relevant personal information (email). However, we have a ZERO Tolerance Privacy Policy, which means that we do NOT share your personal information with ANONE for ANY Reason except when required by law. Unlike other social networking sites, we do not believe in treating our users as ‘merchandise’. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.


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